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Main Street Ronceverte is a program of the Main Street USA/West Virginia program, a program of the West Virginia Development Office. Ronceverte was designated a Main Street West Virginia community in September 2005. The volunteer driven program operates under the Four Point Concept of Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring.


Organization is responsible for overseeing the financial strength of the Main Street program. The Organization Committee is responsible for the public relations of the Main Street Ronceverte Program, Encourages membership to the Main Street Ronceverte program through the “1882 Society” membership program, and oversees the volunteer development that keeps the Main Street Ronceverte program going.

Promotion is responsible for programs and events that promote businesses and activities in the downtown. The Promotion Committee plans and encourages events in the downtown that brings visitor to the community and “promotes” business activity.


Design oversees the “look” of the downtown assisting businesses with façade improvements and retail placement and design. The Design Committee also provides oversight of downtown design to include the entrances to town, lampposts, planters, and banners, all aimed to provide visitors with a pleasant “first impression” for visitors to the town.

Economic Restructuring is responsible for assisting existing businesses while encouraging new businesses to the community. This group oversees the business climate of the town and implements the community’s Marketing Section of the town’s Comprehensive Plan. Economic Restructuring is also responsible for promoting business grant and loan programs that strengthen the town’s business climate.

Main Street Ronceverte receives no financial support from Main Street West Virginia. The program is totally self sustaining. In its short time, Main Street Ronceverte has been responsible for acquiring and restoration of the Ellis property in downtown, a project that has seen the renovation of eight retail spaces and five apartments. Four new businesses have occupied these retail spaces making a positive change to the downtown. 

Another important result of the Main Street Ronceverte is the acquisition by the city of the former Clifford National Guard Armory to become the Clifford Community and Recreation Center. 

A final project of Main Street Ronceverte that is still being worked is the acquisition and eventual restoration of the 1915 CSX depot. Located in the heart of the downtown, plans for the depot include creation of an outdoor farmers market and renovation of retail space in the depot and freight buildings.

These programs need your financial support. Main Street Ronceverte has created the “1882 Society” membership program to keep our program going. The “1882 Society” offers four levels of giving. For $18.82 per year you can be a Good Citizen. At the $18.82 per month per year ($225.84) you can become a Founder. An annual gift of $1,882.00 will allow you to become a Benefactor. Or you may become a lifetime member for a one time gift of $18,820.00. An “1882 Society” membership form is provided on line or you may contact the Main Street Ronceverte office for an application at 300 Main Street West or at 304-647-3140.

Every dollar to Main Street Ronceverte goes toward continuing the positive improvements of Main Street Ronceverte. The ultimate goal of Main Street Ronceverte is to be self sustaining. Dollars to Main Street Ronceverte also help our efforts to acquire matching funds and grants for community projects. Details of our activities are provided in an annual report, available upon request.

For more information on the 1882 Society, or to donate towards the effort, please check out our brochure (in Adobe PDF format)

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